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Chef Aji Joseph (Corporate Chef, Fine Dine, Oriental Cuisines Pvt Ltd)

Our love affair with Benjarong began more than a decade ago when we set eyes on the quaint little property on TTK Road. We knew it had the potential of becoming one of the best Thai restaurants in the country. Thus began the process of painstakingly studying, readying and preparing food lovers to a concept that was truly Thai and truly ahead of its time.

After comparing notes and working in collaboration with celebrity master chefs of Bangkok, we put together time-tested, glorious recipes which were specially prepared by housewives in Thailand.

If there was one thing we were extremely clear about, it was that we did not want to Indianise Thai cuisine in any way. In a bid to preserve its purity of flavour, we ensured that select dishes, which had the potential for the Indian market were hand-picked and put on the menu.
It has been ten long years since the birth of Benjarong – a baby that took its first steps in front of us and spread its wings after six years to other cities across the country. So much has changed, but the heart, soul and spirit of Benjarong still remain the same. Every day we import ingredients to ensure that there is no compromise on flavour and quality. The love affair that began more than ten years ago is still going strong...and we know it will last a lifetime.


Tepanom is the Thai goddess of dance. Dance is the main art form in Thailand and can be divided into various categories such as Lakhon, Fawn Thai, Likay, Ram muay, Wai khru and more.